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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Obesity in Dogs

15 Jan 2021

Keep Your Pup Fit and Healthy: 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Obesity in Dogs

As pet parents, we do our best to keep our furry friends happy and healthy. But as dogs age and exercise less, it may become easier for them to gain weight.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, approximately 25-30% of the general canine popular is obese. Obesity in dogs can cause an increased risk for cancers, osteoarthritis, and other serious health issues.

While canine obesity is a very prevalent issue in the pet world, there are many simple things you can do to help keep your dog at a healthy weight. Here are five tips to prevent your pooch from gaining unwanted weight and keep them in tip-top shape:

1)  Proper Exercise

If your dog is eating more calories than they burn, they’ll put on weight. To help counteract weight gain, daily exercise is beneficial to both your dog’s physical and mental health — and you’re their best workout buddy!

Are you confused about how much exercise your pal needs daily? Well, it varies from breed to breed. It also depends upon the size and weight of your dog. As a general rule of thumb, start with 30 minutes of daily exercise. As your pup becomes more accustomed to exercise, you can increase this to 1 hour a day.

If you go on daily runs or walks, bring your pup! Whether in the morning or evening, a quick 2- to 30 minute walk may be easy to squeeze into your day. And not only is it good for your pup, but it’s good for you, too! You’ll need the following equipment for walks:

  • A harness or collar: It’s supposed to fit them comfortable. It also allows you to have a good hold of her when outdoors.
  • A bottle of water: Dogs get thirsty when running or walking (who doesn’t?). It’s recommended to keep a bottle of water with you, every time you take your dog out for a run or casual walk.

If the weather outside is cold or rainy, there are plenty of indoor activities you can do with your dog to ensure they get their exercise! Here are a couple ideas:

  • Indoor fetch. All you need is a ball and a little bit of room, and you and your dog can play indoor fetch!
  • Try interactive toys. Moving toys are a great way to help your dog exercise, especially if you don’t have time to play with them.

2) Keep a Proper Eye on your Dog’s Food Intake

If your dog is eating a vet-recommended, high-quality food, but is still gaining weight, there may be a few reasons why. First, it’s possible that you’re feeding your pup too much — try cutting back on their portions. Second, your dog could have an underlying condition that’s causing them to gain weight. So, it’s important to schedule a vet visit to rule out any possible health concerns.

Be sure to keep an eye on Fido’s treat intake and avoid feeding your pup table scraps. Instead, opt for healthy, natural treats that are free of preservatives and additives.

3) Pick Food that Best Suits Your Dog

There are so many dog foods on the market, but make sure you’re feeding your pup a food that’s appropriate for their breed and age. For example, puppies eat special formulas to help them grow. Then, they transition into adult dog food, and later in life, senior dog food.

If you aren’t sure which food to pick, ask someone at your local pet store or check with your dog’s vet for their recommendations.

4) Schedule Regular Vet Visits

If you’ve noticed Fido has put on some weight, consult with your dog’s vet before following any diet plan. In addition to special visits, always ensure you’re taking your dog to the vet for annual visits. Your dog’s vet is a great resource for weight loss tips and prevention.

Swap Calorie-Dense Treats for Healthy Chews

The best way to beat canine obesity is to prevent it in the first place. Follow these tips to keep your dog healthy, and invest in low-calorie treats, chews, and bones for your pup. For low-calorie treats, we recommend our crispy collagen puffs, which only have 4 calories per puff!

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