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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Obesity in Dogs

15 Jan 2021

Keep Your Pup Fit and Healthy with these 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Obesity in Dogs

You love your dog more than anything in this world, right? I totally get you there. Yes, I do. Dog obesity is a serious issue and you should be worried about it. And if you don’t, your dog might end up in serious heart and other health issues.

However, you don’t need to stress out yourself about how to deal with the obesity of your cherished pup. It will do no good both to you and your pooch. All you need is a place where you’re thoroughly guided about the right diet and the proper ways to handle obesity of your dog. Congrats, you’re just at the right place. Below are five easy ways to turn your chubby canine into a slim, smart and healthy companion.

We should wait no more, let’s uncover the solutions.

1)  Proper Exercise

Let’s start with the simple yet crucial one. If your dog is eating more than he burns, he will put on weight. Simple math. And to counter that, you as his best buddy has to make sure he exercises.

Are you confused about how much exercise your pal needs daily? Well, it varies from breed to breed. And also depends upon the size and weight of your dog. However, to put it frankly, start with 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can extend it to one hour of physical activity later on as well.

Do you go for a run daily? Why not take your pup too? Or if you don’t do that, you would like to take him on your afternoon walks. Or probably your evening walks to get a hot cup of coffee. Running and walking is the easiest way to put your dog into an exercising habit.

Equipment you should have:
  • A harness or collar: It’s supposed to fit your pooch nicely, so it keeps her comfortable. It also allows you to have a good hold of her when outdoors.
  • A bottle of water: Dogs get thirsty when running or walking (who doesn’t?). It’s therefore recommended to keep a bottle of water with you, every time you take your dog out for a run or casual walk
Thinking about some indoor activities? Or scratching your head about some other activities other than running? No worries, there’re plenty of them.

Some common dog exercising activities:
  • Throwing a ball and asking your pooch to get it would be a fruitful activity to start with. Isn’t it?
  • Make your pooch swim. Wow, that’s not a bad idea. Considering the fact that dogs like to swim. In fact, some of them love it.
  • Invest in moving toys is also a great way to make your dog exercise, that too in a pretty fun way.

2) Keep a proper eye on your Dog’s food intake

You’re sure your dog is following a proper diet, but he’s still gaining hefty weight. Wait, you might be forgetting about his treats intake. Treats and other scraps might seem small in size. But it’s not the size that matters, it’s the calories in those treats that count and adds to the weight of your dog.

We know you can’t just completely cut all his daily treats. However, you can definitely reduce it to an optimum amount. We know it’s difficult, for your dog enjoys those treats and extra left-overs. But it’s you who’s to care about him. He’s too innocent to take care of himself.

3) Pick food that best suits your dog’s diet

Don’t just feed him. Feed what suits his health. Pick food that’s best for his age and breed. Some dogs require more energy consumption, while some less. Make sure you don’t overfeed him or feed less than the required intake. It’s advised to consult a vet before following any diet plan for your dog.

4) Visit the vet regularly

Don’t be careless about taking your dog to the vet on regular bases. Sometimes, you’re not able to suspect any difference in the current weight status of your pup. But in fact, they might be gaining some extra weight. Or maybe you’re too busy to take any notice at all. Therefore, visiting the vet is of great importance, as important as visiting your doctor for a routine checkup.

5) Be aware of everything related to your dog

We all love our dogs. They’re our best companions, and never let us feel lonely or sad. But love is better shown in our actions. Our lack of awareness may inflict serious sufferings on our loyal buddy. You should be always aware of your dog’s weight, diet intake and their current exercising status.

Visiting a vet regularly, and getting necessary suggestions from the pet-loving community will help you a lot in this regard.

Final Words:
Once you’re aware of the weight of your beloved pooch and ways to treat obesity, spending a stress-free and quality time with your dog for a long time is guaranteed. With our detailed guide, we’re pretty sure you’re well aware now.

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