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The 4 Best Chews for an Extreme Chewer

22 Jan 2021
Large dog aggressively chewing on collagen bone

The 4 Best Dog Chews for Ravenous and Insatiable Chewers

Dogs love to chew — whether that be on their favorite bone (or your leather shoes), chewing is a natural behavior many dogs exhibit. There are many different types of chews and toys out there to satisfy your dog’s chewing. But even with options, it can still be difficult to find a tasty chew that will keep your pup occupied for a long time.

Chewing helps relieve boredom and support your dog’s dental health. As your dog chews, their bone or toy may help clean plaque from their teeth. But just because a chew is made for dogs, doesn’t mean it’s nutritious or safe for them. Some chews, such as rawhides, are popular in many pet stores, but vets don’t recommend them.

To give your dog a nutritional boost and long-lasting chews, natural dog chews are a great choice for many dogs. Discover our top natural chews for extreme chewers, from savory bones to chewy bully sticks.

1. Beef, Ham, or Collagen Bones

Some dogs, especially high-energy breeds and teething puppies, need to continually chew. Natural dog bones will mentally stimulate and occupy your pup with their tasty flavor and long-lasting texture. However, you should never feed your dog raw bones — these can make your pup sick, potentially damage their teeth, or cause an obstruction.

Instead, choose natural, baked dog bones from reputable treat brands, such as Raw Dog Chews. Our bones are made in a variety of types — beef, ham, or collagen — and come in dog-favorite flavors such as bully or pumpkin. Bones are one of the longest-lasting chews and will provide hours of entertainment for your pup — always be sure to supervise them and provide fresh water as they chew.

2. Bully Sticks

Bully Chews are a perfect way to satisfy the biting impulses of your dog, and are easily digestible for most dogs. Unlike some other popular dog chews, they don’t crack or splinter, and are made of one single ingredient, bull pizzle. Gross — we know! But these chews are low-fat, low-odor, and are a great source of amino acids to support dogs’ bodies.

While your dog chews on a bully stick, it will help “brush” they teeth, removing plaque and residue from your pup’s teeth. Although it’s recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily, bully sticks offer extra dental care between cleanings.

2. Beef Chews

Beef chews are an excellent chewy choice to boost your dog’s oral hygiene. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from beef gullet chips and jerky to beef tendons and bully chews. Dogs love beef tendons because of their string-like texture, which helps “floss” your dog's teeth.

But if your dog can’t really get behind the beefy flavor, you’re in luck. We offer other unique beefy treats, like cow hooves, which you can fill with peanut butter to help entice your dog. Or, for a more neutral flavor, our jumbo cow ears are a healthy, low-fat, and non-greasy treat.

4. Pork Chews

Pork is a perfect source of protein for dogs and an essential source of balanced vitamins and minerals. Our pork chews are made of organic pork and are free of artificial hormones, chemicals, and flavoring. Oven-based to crispy perfection, our high-protein pig ears and pig ear slices are perfect for extreme chewers of all ages and sizes. Dogs love the ear’s unique texture, and of course, the natural pork flavor.

Discover All-Natural Treats and Bones for Your Extreme Chewer

Many traditional dog chews are full of fatty ingredients, and some are even dangerous for dogs, such as rawhides. Instead, satisfy your dog’s chewing with all-natural dog chews that are made with wholesome single ingredients and are free of preservatives and chemicals.

In tandem with proper training, our natural dog chews can help occupy your dog and prevent them from chewing up your furniture and clothing. And in addition to all-natural chews, we also make an array of dog treats to help with training sessions, like our new collagen puffs!

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