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3 Ways Crispy Collagen Puffs Will Kickstart Your Dog Training

15 Dec 2022

Training new dog with Raw Dog punkin puff dog treats on grass park field

3 Ways to Kickstart Dog Training with Crispy Collagen Puffs

Whether you recently adopted a new puppy or want to teach your old dog new tricks, you’ll need some tasty, low-calorie treats to help make progress. From teaching basic commands like sit and stay to more complex tricks such as speak or spin, here are three ways crunchy collagen puff treats will kickstart training sessions with your furry friend.

1. They’ll Help with Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Your dog can’t speak English, so how do you communicate your happy when they’re listening to a command? With treats, of course! Dogs care about a few things: treats, praise, and toys. Positive reinforcement dog training uses a reward (in this case, a treat) for desired behaviors. Rewards make your dog more likely to repeat the behavior, and with daily practice, they’ll become better at responding to your commands.

Positive reinforcement dog training is one of the most powerful tools for pet parents because it allows you to change and shape your dog’s behaviors. But, you must choose the right treats for training. Chances are Fido will be eating lots of treats during training sessions, so you’ll want to use a low-calorie treat that’s still yummy.

Our collagen puffs contain less than 4 calories per treat, and you can break them in half to make the treat go further. Your dog will love the pumpkiny flavor and crunchy texture, and you’ll love how much training progress you’ll make. Remember, treats should only account for 10% of your dog’s daily diet, so don’t overdo it. Plus, the AKC recommends keeping dog training sessions to 5 minutes or less.

2. Collagen Puffs Are Low-Fat, Nutritious and Delicious

There are so many training treats on the market — but many dog biscuits and classic dog treats are full of unwanted calories, preservatives, and artificial flavorings. Instead, opt for a fresh treat — carrots, blueberries, or cucumbers — or a healthy store-bought treat, like collagen puffs. While dogs drool over the puffs’ flavor, here are a few other ways these treats benefit dogs:

  • They’re full of corium collagen - Collagen is a superfood for dogs, which supports healthy joints, skin, coats, and nails.
  • Pumpkin aids in digestion - Not only is pumpkin delicious, but it naturally soothes dogs’ stomachs and aids in digestion.
  • They’re low-fat - Lightweight and crunchy, collagen puffs aren’t calorie dense or full of fattening ingredients. They’re made with 100% beef collagen, real pumpkin, and bacon oil.

Dog training while swimming in pool with punkin puff dog treats

3. Use Them In and Out of the Water

Do you want to teach your dog how to swim or do tricks in the pool? Well, we have good news, our collagen puffs float! Use them in and out of the water to enhance Fido’s aquatic training experience. In addition to collagen puffs, you’ll also need a life jacket to keep your pup safe.

If your dog has never been in the water before, give them time to get used to their surroundings. Whether wading on the pool steps or walking around the water, they need time to get used to the sensation. Then, you can begin training your dog on how to safely enter and leave the pool. While not every dog will love the water, you can make the experience positive with lots of treats and praise.

Try Our Mouth-Watering Collagen Puffs In Your Next Training Session

Training sessions are a great way to bond with your dog, and they’ll appreciate yummy rewards and head scratches for progress. For your next session, entice your pup with our all-natural collagen puffs. And if you want to make sure they love them before buying a whole bag, try our collagen puff snack packs!

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