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Top 3 Tips to Keep the Holidays Stress-Free for Your Pets

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Top 3 Tips to Keep the Holidays Stress-Free for Your Pets

Fa-la-la-la-FREAK OUT!

Let’s be honest: the holidays can be a stressed-out nightmare: gifts to give, guests, food, festivities and more. The same is true for your pets: TREES in the HOUSE, presents laying around to rip into, men coming in from the chimney, and the reindeer on the roof… don’t get me started on the reindeer!
The festive freak-out is real for us and our pets. Enjoy a carefree holiday with these tips for you and your furry holiday helper.

1) Maintain Routines

Our fur babies thrive on routine: they get up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, play at a certain time, go potty at a certain time… When these routines start to change, our pets get thrown off-balance, and unwanted behaviors may start to appear. Do your best to maintain a routine for your pet. If you can’t keep up normal schedules, at least try to give them some special one-on-one time whenever possible.

2) Exercise Their Mind & Body

The hustle and bustle of the holidays combined with the changing seasons may leave our pets getting less exercise than they are accustomed to. This pent-up energy may begin to appear in ways you don’t usually see from your dog – chewing up furniture, destroying toys, getting into food – or just being an overall busybody (after all, there’s a ton of cool new things they haven’t seen before).
Try your best to get in a good game of fetch or toy playtime to tire out that pup’s body. Alternatively, you can tire out your dog’s brain: this can be just as helpful as tiring out their body. A walk that is full of new scents and sounds is a double-whammy: brain work and body work! Plus, a walk may help YOU clear your brain and recharge. Another idea to encourage brain work that anybody can do is to hide some treats or food around a room and encourage your pet to “find the treat” (try hiding these super yummy Beef Gullet Chips). It’s fun for your pet and keeps them busy for a few minutes.

3) Create a “Safe Spot”

Your pet may get anxious about visitors in the house, especially if you haven’t had any in some time. To help alleviate this anxiety, create a “safe spot” for your pet. If your pet is crate-trained already, you are set. If not, set aside a quiet room or space for your dog. Make it super cozy and comfy with a bed, toys, treats and more. Get them used to making this room their safety zone by giving them food or treats in the room. When you have guests, your pet will be safe and secure in a room of their own and can snooze away happily. Maybe turn on a low fan, or a radio on low volume to help drown out any unusual sounds from the rest of the house. Add in any one of these Raw Dog Beef Chews and your dog will be in heaven!