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Niko's Story

10 Feb 2021

Niko's Story - Raw Dog Chews Customer Testimonial

Niko was born in Mississippi, not far from Memphis, in late July, 2020. He was not found, however, until 12/8/2020 and by that point he had ben hit, we believe, by a car and his left-rear leg had healed wrong. When they found him, his injured leg was unusable, and he wouldn’t use the other leg. The vet in Mississippi wanted to amputate, but fortunately Reach Rescue (Mundelein, IL) became involved and instead brought him up to Fox Lake for surgery. The vet, in Fox Lake, corrected his improperly healed leg, and he went home with a foster to heal.

Meanwhile, our dog, Hurley, had just passed away, in November, after a long fight with liver cancer (he outlived his vet’s expectations by four years!) and we hadn’t been without a dog in the house for over 20 years. The silence and emptiness was too much. Each of us had been on a mission to find a puppy. It was my oldest daughter who found a sad, scraggly little pup on 12/30, available for adoption. We wasted no time and made an appointment to meet him the next day.

We met Niko—Sweet at the time (because his ‘sisters’ name was Caroline)—and immediately fell in love. He had trouble walking and definitely couldn’t do stairs or jump up on anything, but we have been working with him to exercise and keep his range of motion up. Now just try and stop him! He runs around, jumps on furniture, and loves playing. Shortly after the picture I sent you, he was tossing the bully stick all around the room as he romped about having a good time!

Thanks again for a wonderful, quality product that I feel good about giving to our furry family member!
Best regards,

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