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Bully Rings (Low Odor)

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Bully Rings (Low Odor)

An all-natural bully ring that’ll entertain your pup with its circular shape.

Why pet parents (and their pups) choose our bully rings:

  • Unique shape slows down dogs’ chews while cleaning plaque from their pearly whites
  • Low-fat with zero additives, a great source of amino acids to support dogs’ bodies
  • Made from one natural ingredient: 100% beef pizzle. That’s it!
  • Low-Odor - Washed, dried, and baked to zap away stinky smells and lingering bacteria
  • Ethically sourced from happy, grass-fed cows that live on local farms in South America

Made with 1 natural ingredient

Our bully ring creation begins with a bull’s err…private parts, also known as their pizzle. Our beef is sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle in Venezuela. They supply the world with the highest quality beef products. We like to think our bully rings are grown in fields and not made in factories, so we use beef that’s free of pesticides, GMOs, and artificial additives.

Baked to beefy perfection

Once we have the goods, the pizzles are cleaned, drained, dried, and baked. Proper cleaning and drying are key to reducing the stinky odor that other bully springs have. We also take an extra step by cooking our rings in the oven to kill any bacteria. Then, they’re ready for Fido! And as always, we don’t use any chemicals, additives, or preservatives to make our chews.

A safe and nutritious way to chew

Pet parents love our bully rings because they’re fresh, fully digestible, and switch up their pup’s chewing routine. Bully rings break down and don’t splinter, so they’re a safe alternative to rawhides. Beef pizzle is also a great source of amino acids to support a dog’s brain, coat, and body. These round bully rings will entertain your dog while cleaning their teeth. Psst…and because they’re low-odor, you won’t smell them!

Find bully sticks in sizes for every dog

Our bully rings are made for small to large dogs that are moderate chewers. If your dog normally chews on our regular bully sticks, switch up their routine with a round bully ring.

Bully Shapes

  • Best for moderate chewers and small to large dog breeds
  • Available in bully springs and rings

Regular Bully Sticks

  • Best for moderate chewers and small to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in three lengths: 6”, 12”, and 36”

Monster Bully Sticks

  • Best for heavy chewers and medium to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in two lengths: 6” and 12”

Additional information

Ingredients: Beef pizzle.

  • Crude protein: 80% min.
  • Crude fat: 1% min.
  • Crude fiber: 1% max.
  • Moisture: 18% max.

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