• General Information
  • I’ve heard a lot about Natural Chews. What are some of the benefits?
    Chewing can help relieve teething pain in puppies, offer a safe outlet to reduce boredom, and even provide a solution to separation anxiety (theirs, not yours—that’s a whole different discussion). By offering natural chews, you are providing your pet with the mental stimulation required to help them flourish, and providing yourself with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are offering a safe, scrumptious chew! Bonus tip: Keep a natural chew in the freezer. The refreshing frozen chew is great on warm days and also provides relief for teething puppies.
  • How do I know which chew is right for my pet?
    Size matters! Regardless of what Raw Dog Natural Chew you give to your pet, it’s extremely important to provide an option that fits their unique chewing habits. A good rule of thumb is that the “chew you choose” should be larger than your dog’s mouth, e.g., they cannot take the entire chew in their mouth. While it’s important to make chew-choices based on your pet’s chewing habits and breed size, remember you should also supervise your pet while he chews. Also, keep in mind that pets like variety as much as we do, so try out different proteins and shapes to find what works best for your needs. Your pup will love you for it, promise!
  • We just added to our family! Can I give my puppy a Natural Chew?
    Puppies love to explore, smell, and chew on things! These actions help them fully develop their minds and bodies. Chewing offers your puppy the mental and emotional support they need for proper development. In fact, the benefits provided by chewing are widely documented and can give them a leg up on life (and fire hydrants). Safety should be the foremost consideration when picking a chew for your puppy. Be sure you’re selecting the appropriate size for your pet’s specific needs. Always monitor your pet, and you’ll be taking the right steps to ensure a happy, healthy, and satisfying chewing experience.
  • My dog is mature. Are Natural Chews safe for him?
    Raw Dog Natural Chews are great for adult and senior dogs! The act of chewing alleviates boredom and stimulates brain function, which can be beneficial for older dogs. Additionally, the high digestibility of natural chews offers a great solution for all life stages, from puppy to papa.
  • Do Natural Chews last long?
    Like humans, all pets have unique chewing and eating habits (*cough cough*, I’m looking at you, Uncle Frank. I’m not sitting next to you at Thanksgiving again). This simply means that, due to your pet’s specific chewing style, the length of time a chew will last may vary. As a pet parent, it’s important to understand your dog’s chewing habits. As you “choose chews,” you should make decisions based not only on her size and weight but her chew style.
  • Where are Raw Dog Chews made?
    We set out to find the best quality beef and pork products for our chews, and it so happens that we found it there. South America is widely known for its superior beef and pork. They supply the world with the highest quality beef and pork products for humans and pets alike. Our Natural Chews are sourced from grass-fed, free-range beef and are free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We also source beef that’s free of pesticides and GMOs. Plus, we independently test our products on multiple occasions to ensure your pet is getting the safest, freshest, and highest quality chew available. Our focus is your 100% satisfaction. Always.
  • My pet loves Bully Sticks. What makes them a good chew option?
    Raw Dog Bully Sticks are 100% digestible, low in fat, and a great alternative to traditional rawhide. The beauty of the Bully Stick is that they break down in the digestive process (unlike rawhide, which can swell and cause blockages). Bully Sticks also don’t splinter, so you can take comfort in knowing they won’t cause risk to the digestive system. With that being said, we still recommend that your supervise your pet at all times, regardless of the chew, treat, or toy you’ve chosen.
  • What are bully sticks?
    Bully sticks are 100% beef. The specific part that they are made from is the bull’s “pizzle”, or his private parts. In some parts of the world, humans eat the pizzle to get the same health benefits that our dogs enjoy from them—bully sticks are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals including calcium and magnesium. Plus, the more parts of the bull we use during processing, the less waste we create for the planet. Win/win!
  • How are bully sticks made?
    The process begins with raw bull pizzle, which is up to 3' long. Once it's cleaned, it is hung to allow fluids to drain. When bully sticks have a smell, it’s coming from these fluids, so this draining process is a key step to reducing odor. In the next stage, bully sticks are dried. At this point, Raw Dog takes an extra step by cooking our sticks in an oven for a short time to kill any bacteria. The bully sticks are then cut into pieces of varying sizes. As part of our commitment to making sure our sticks are superior in every way, Raw Dog Bully Sticks are drained, dried, and cooked longer than other bully sticks to reduce the odor even more than the standard process.
  • How do you make odor-free bully sticks?
    Raw Dog sticks are washed in a hot water rinse. Blood and urine are water-soluble, so this step help removes much of the odor. The pizzles are then hung vertically to drain and bake, allowing additional odor-causing fluids to drain and dissipate. In essence, we use good, old-fashioned extra steps to reduce odor as much as we can. No chemicals, additives, or preservatives are used at any point in the manufacturing process.
  • When should I give my dog a bully stick?
    Whenever you want, really! They tend to keep dogs busy, so toss him one when you have guests or just need him otherwise occupied for a while. Bully Sticks can also be used as training rewards.
  • Are bully sticks safe?
    Yes! This a great question and one we like to address with pet parents. We understand the need to provide our companions with safe, appropriate products. We are glad you asked. Bully sticks are a single-ingredient, 100% digestible dog chew. To ensure safety and quality, Raw Dog Bully Sticks are baked to kill bacteria and contain no preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals. Plus, we produce our products at a human-grade facility, and our chews are USDA and FDA tested and approved. Some popular dog chews, including rawhide or antlers, can feasibly splinter into small, sharp pieces and present a risk when swallowed. Bully sticks do not break into sharp pieces in this way, making them a safer chew option. That said, when feeding your dog a bully stick (or any type of treat or chew) make sure he has plenty of fresh water available. We also recommend keeping an eye on your dog while he chews. Remember that bully sticks are not intended to be swallowed in large pieces.