Collagen Rings

Collagen Rings

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Collagen Rings

A high-protein ring for dogs that’s the natural secret to shiny coats and youthful joints.

Why pet parents (and their pups) choose our chews:
  • Handmade with one low-fat, natural ingredient: 100% beef collagen. That’s it!
  • Natural source of collagen to support doggie joints, skin, and nails
  • Round shape mentally stimulates dogs while cleaning tartar from their pearly whites
  • A healthier alternative to traditional rawhides that dogs can safely digest

Made with only natural ingredients

We source our collagen sticks from cold-weather cattle that live on farms in the United States. Why do we use cows that live in chilly climates? Because these cattle develop a thicker corium layer. This layer naturally insulates cows from the cold and is full of beneficial collagen, which makes the best dog chews!

A nutritious alternative to rawhide

Below cows’ tough outer skin (that makes up traditional rawhides) is the inner skin layer called the corium. This skin is very elastic and flexible because it’s made up of collagen, an essential protein that’s found in mammals’ bones and skin. Not only is it beneficial to doggie health, but it’s also long-lasting to chew! Our collagen rings are cleaned and air-dried to maintain maximum flavor and nutritional value. And as always, we don’t use any chemicals, additives, or preservatives in our chews.

A chew for glowing fur and youthful joints

Collagen rings aid joint health in dogs of all ages. For senior dogs, collagen helps improve age-related joint pain and for young pups, it stabilizes joints and prevents injuries. This powerful nutrient also supports doggie skin, nails, coat, and teeth. Pet parents rest easy feeding Fido our collagen rings because they’re fully digestible and safer than traditional rawhides. Plus, dogs love munching on the meaty flavor, round shape, and unusual texture!

Find collagen chews in all shapes and sizes

Pet parents choose our collagen rings for their four-legged friends because they’re fresh, free of additives, and more digestible than traditional rawhides. From round rings to classic bones, discover natural collagen treats for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Collagen Bones

  • Best for all chewers and small to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in two flavors and four sizes: 4-5”, 5-6”, 7-8”, and 10-11”

Collagen Sticks

  • Best for all chewers and small to extra large dog breeds
  • Available in two flavors and four sizes: 4”, 5”, 7”, and 11”

Collagen Rings

  • Best for all small to medium dog breeds
  • Available in bully and pork flavors in one, 3” size

Additional information

Ingredients: Beef Corium Collagen

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